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SOMINA Pre-Order!!!!

We‘re now taking PRE-ORDERS for:

SOMNIA „How The Moon Shines On The Shit“
Pre-order copies limited to 100 copies on colored vinyl.

1 LP = 14 euro including world wide postage (that means it doesn‘t matter if you live in germany, new zealand, japan or burkina faso it’s the same price)

To order please send an email to jan at yoyorecords dot de

01. Double Life Listen
02. Silver
03. Death Blows
04. Psychic Vampires
05. Loud One
06. Crazy Ocean
07. Quiet One
08. Another Night
09. Dream A Little Dream
10. Knights of Summer
11. Ed Clairborne Listen

***THIS IS A PREORDER!!! The records will ship in May!!!****