Shirt SALE!!!!

Today (October 30th, 2020) shirts are just 10 euro including word wide postage! Yes it doesn‘t matter if you live in Japan or Germany (well there‘re soe exeptions because of Convid19 I can‘t ship to Australia or New Zealand at
the moment)

To order send an email to jan(at)yoyorecords dot de

These shirts are available

IRON CHIC „Reaper“ black shirt
Sizes: small/medium/large/x-large

RVIVR „Echinacea“ black shirt
Sizes: small/ medium / waisted-s / waisted-m / waisted-l

and add a Tender Defender shirt for only 5 euro

TENDER DEFENDER „Record Cover“ black shirt
Sizes: small/medium/large/x-large

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