SOMNIA month

SOMNIA is a long-distance song writing collab between Erica Freas (RVIVR) & David Combs (Bad Moves, Spoonboy). Now they even live further away on 2 different continents. A year ago they wanted to come to Europe (well only the UK) for the first time and play a short tour. As you might guessed this never happened. So too bad you missed it but if you haven‘t got their great record yet this is your chance.

For the whole month of March 2021 SOMNIA „How The Moone Shines On The Shit“ pink or purple vinyl LP only 10 euro including wordwide postage!

Please note that this shipping method doesn‘t include tracking and insurance, you can add this for 2.70 euro. Please note that due to the Convid 19 pandamic I can‘t ship to some places like Australia at the moment, shipping to the United States or Canada is possible but takes longer then usual. To order send me an email to jan(at)yoyorecords(dot)de

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