TENEMENT „Napalm Dream“ turns 10

TENEMENT first released their debut LP Napalm Dream 10 years ago. They hardly ever toured in Europe, besides a few shows in Finland a few years back. Maybe that’s the reason this great album didn‘t get the attention over here that it deserves. Anyways if you haven‘t got this record pick it up now!

For the whole month of April 2021 TENEMENT „Napalm Dream“ LP is only 11 euro including wordwide postage!

For international orders please note that this shipping method doesn‘t include tracking and insurance, you can add this for 2.70 euro. Due to the Convid 19 pandamic it takes much longer to ship records to places like North America or Australia. Get in touch if you have any questions. To order send me an email to jan(at)yoyorecords(dot)de

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